March of the Communist Stooges

Angela Merkel leading the Communist Youth League, 1972merkel

originally published at Golden Dawn New York

Some in Greece refer to Angela Merkel as a “Nazi”. Often and ironically, protests held by the former associates of East Germany, the KKE or the pink Marxists of Syriza feature Merkel with a small painted on Hitler moustache or Swastika armband. Interestingly enough, these same entities don’t want to talk about the real Merkel, the one that needs no paint: a high-ranking Bolshevik stooge and friend of the Stasi- just another parliamentary opportunist who will commit any crime to advance her career and reputation in the eyes of her masters. The above photograph, exposed by the German newspaper Bild, portrays Angela Merkel in 1972, marching jubilantly in the women’s Communist militia of the DDR (East Germany), right by the side of a Red Army officer.  Thus, the woman that is torturing and leeching the Greek people on behalf of her international usury bosses, has a history of doing the same to the German people on behalf of the Commissars (posted before is documentation of her history as a career communist propagandist!). Merkel has yet to show any remorse for her past, but it is always surprising how flawlessly the “passionate idealist revolutionaries” of the Left so celebrated in popular culture can easily lead long and successful political careers as vulture-capitalist democrats.

The flawless and opportunistic transformation of many Marxists into the high echelons of the European Union’s plutocracy is suspicious to keen eyes, to say the least. The democrats who do the elite’s bidding in Europe today are required to possess a dangerous personality not fit for honest rule. A new biographical book to be released by historian Ralf Georg Reuth titled “The First Life of Angela M.” reveals the E.U. politician Angela Merkel played a far greater role in the communist East German establishment than ever imagined.
According to research by Reuth, Merkel was a professional cadre in the Communist Party of East Germany, where she worked for the Academy Of Science and held a leadership position in charge of of the mobilization and propaganda of the Communist Youth League since 1981! The historical investigators in charge of this groundbreaking biography even stated in an interview: “Angela Merkel was much closer to the system of East Germany than believed so far and we can prove it. ”  Merkel is also revealed to have taken certain dogmatic views on the future of Germany. She used her position in the Communist party to publically denounce re-unification of Germany and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. In other words, the ex-communist-now-plutocrat opposed the existence of the very nation she rules today. When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, the Bolshevik fanatic Merkel transformed her image and began looking to utilize the new united Germany’s conditions.
She went on to help establish a new movement that sprang in East Germany, called “Democratic Awakening” with Wolfgang Schnour and the first prime minister in the ex-communist East Germany Lothar de Maiziere. What did Schnour and Maizere have in common? Both were found out to be paid agents of the Stasi, responsible for the terror, torture and deaths of thousands. The book also confirms statements of the leader of the East German Communist government’s successor party, Die Linke (the Syriza of Germany) Oskar Fontaine, who stated that Mrs Merkel played a significant role as a professional propagandists for the East German Young Communist League.
Both the German and Greek media have curiously, with some sterling exceptions, blacked out these new revelations about Angela Merkel. The media is deliberately obscuring the facts so that those who speak so selectively about “human rights” while doing inhumane things do not have to answer about their past. Merkel has gotten her lackeys to say that those inquiries about her past should not be answered.
The Golden Dawn’s position on the rotten system of communism (and by extension plutocracy, its twin sister) is clear:  whether German or Greek, the Marxists are, were, and always will be traitors to their people and sell outs of their homeland! 



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