Jew vs. Greek
The Real Holocaust

by Joe Badoglio

International Jewry and their allies have been perpetrating Holohoax lies since 1897. ( 1 ). These have been thoroughly debunked. The Jewish role in the genocide of the Russian Christians has been well documented, most recently by Dr. David Duke in his latest book, “The Secret Behind Commumism”.
What is not as well known is the history of repeated genocidal massacres of the Greek Christian peoples, perpetrated by the Jews. (Armenian and Assyrian Christians were also victims in these events).
One of the first and most infamous actions was the massacre of the Seleucid Greeks, heirs to the Assyrian portion of Alexander the Great’s empire. Jews celebate this today as Hannukah. Hannukah is not “Jewish Christmas”, it was the Jews attempt to resist assimilation into Western (Greek) Civilization.
The second genocide attempt was recorded in the Third Century A.D. by the Roman, Cassius Dio. Jews slaughtered over 240,000 Greeks on the island of Cyprus ( 2)
The third and most thorough genocide attempt was the most recent – the post World War One attempted genocide of the Christians, following the British break-up of the Ottoman Empire. According to Red Cross reports ( 3), the Christians (Greek, Armenian and Assyrians) were rounded up into open-air pens, stripped of their clothes, raped and then sent on forced death marches. The men had been killed immediately. All of this was directed by a crypto-Jewish faction called the Donmeh, whom the media referred to as the “Young Turks” ( 4). To this day the Donmeh faction in the Republic of Turkey ( and their patrons in the U.S. government) have refused to acknowledge these genocides. Ironically, they have put millions of dollars into propagating false Jewish Holocaust narratives.
At this minute, organized Jewish groups such as the World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Commitee, and the (Masonic) ADL are engaged in a massive campaign of interference in Greece’s internal affairs. This is being done in concert with IMF and European Central Bank-dictated austerity measures, such as double-taxes on Greeks who want to have children. This itself is genocide according to U.N. conventions ( 5).
All this malicious effort against tiny Greece, the world’s one hope for Reason and Justice. Perhaps this why the greatest saint of the Christian Church, St. John Chrysostomos said – ” God hates the Jews”.


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